DotA AllStars 6.88f[Beta] 6.88f[Beta]

Новая финальная бета-версия карты от DracoL1ch

  1. Ru.Zloy
    Fixed Arc Lightning cast sound
    Fixed Reaper's Scythe didn't credit for kills
    Fixed Reaper's Scythe missing animation
    Fixed Necrolyte model
    Fixed Reincarnation (Aghanim) malfunctioning on the Skeleton King
    Fixed Scorched Earth malfunction
    Fixed some spells could be avoided in some map places
    Fixed multikill counter could go wrong rarely
    Earth will kick the stone if there's any nearby instead of targeted unit
    Fixed Deafening blast affecting invulnerable units
    Fixed Tome of Experience had 1000s cd after the first buy
    Observer Wards can now use hotkey (O)
    Added sound for Bloodthorn
    Fixed Impetus description
    Fixed Frostmourne didn't applies on creeps
    Fixed self-damage counted towards total damage done metrics
    Added garena-only notify about possible workaround
    Fixed Roshan's slam being undispellable
    Fixed bugs with infinity Walrus Punch and Infernal Blade
    Fixed Leap speed being lowen than intended
    Ancestral Spirit now have same model as the caster
    Fixed Time Dilation didn't affect attack speed
    Fixed Blinding Light had 0.4s delay before effect
    Improved Omniknight cast animations
    Fixed Stone remnants ability wasn't affected by silence
    Improved Laser visuals
    Spin Web, Sentry Wards, Stone Remnants and Fire remnants are now visible through Fog of war
    Fixed Requiem of Souls applied debuff instantly instead of when damage is done
    Heroes are no longer flickering on minimap
    Fixed minor scan mechanics
    Scan minimap signal now has proper visual size
    Revamped hero descriptions : abilities colored same as the damage type they deal
    Dispersion now triggers on low damage too
    A Real hero spell resistance is now visible in the armor tooltip
    Fixed Necronomicons have 20% resistance instead of 40%
    Fixed Bloodlust multicasting
    Improved antihack
    Rubick's clone now will be removed once spell is lost
    Fixed few incorrect cooldowns
    Fixed rare bug with Ironwood Branch Tree
    Summon autoselection now works only if the summon is around 1500 area next to the camera (if you don't watch at this place you won't get it selected)
    Added Bloodthorn visual damage (numbers) effect
    Fixed some spells didn't break Pounce
    Pudge can no longer move until Meat Hook hit something
    Meathook no longer stretches depending on hero's position
    Mjollnir's active no longer triggers on self-damage
    Added visuals and debuff to Heaven's Halberd disarm
    Eye in the Forest ground effect now revealed even if you have no vision over the tree
    Thunder Lizard can no longer cast Frenzy unless controlled by player
    Devour now correctly gives Magic resistance aura when consuming minor Furbolg or Centaur
    Doom's Devour no longer refreshes cooldown of the stolen ability if the same creep been eaten
    Bristleback now reduces damage taken even if full HP
    Added config file "config.dota", which allows to set up to 21 chat commands, which will be sent at the game start. It allows to pre-type every command you usually use. This is simple text file, open it with Notepad and fill lines you want.
    Added a note on Aegis deny event
    Aghanim'd Flaming Lasso now breaks on the second unit if primary unit dispelled it
    Heartstopper aura now properly gives assists
    Reverted observer mode changes (major issues)
    In observer mode creeps will have proper coloring on altered minimaps (they turned to black before)
    Laser cast time improved from 0.53 to 0.4
    Blink Strike Reduced cast time from 0.4 to 0.3.
    Windrun no longer stops Windrunner in order to cast it
    Fixed Brewmaster's Storm spirit attack type
    Fixed Tome of Experience stacking and consuming
    Counter Helix now reacts on attack landing only
    Fixed Frost Nova malfunction
    Fixed Forge Spirit's armor decrease malfunctioning
    Fixed Shackleshot ignoring new branch tree
    Fixed dummy HP bar on Lightning bolt
    Reverted Midnight Pulse visual effect
    Added sound to Rot and Powershot
    Fixed Glyph and Scan cooldowns being affected by Octarine core
    Epicenter and Shockwave no longer causes terrain deformation (helps FPS)
    Fixed Life Break didn't break in some cases
    Improved Empower description
    Fixed Reverse polarity, Thunder clap, Earthshock not being recognized as spell damage
    Boulder Smash now includes bonus range of Lense
    Fixed Echo Sabre debuff being non-dispellable
    Improved Familiar behavior, they will now correctly land first attack (they never had full damage in fact, all the way through wc3 Dota - damage being reduced even before they fired)
    Improved neutral creeps behavior
    Fixed test command -ru malfunction
    Removed -cson/csoff/di/denyinfo/showdeny/hidedeny chat commands
    Illusion rune now always spawns illusions behind you
    All Mirror Image spells are updated:
    no longer remove positive buffs;
    no longer remove negative buffs it doesn't supposed to;
    no longer remove Duration bar from morphed heroes.
    Improved forbidden zones behavior
    Branch can no longer be planted on fountains or Roshan pit
    Ball Lightning can no longer be used while another Ball Lightning active
    Fortune's End now purges spell immune enemies properly
    Healing ward can now move through units
    Added sound effect for Laser
    Fixed Meat hook accuracy counter
    Fixed RD/CD pick time vision
    Flying unit can now miss from lowground
    Fixed -names command behavior
    Smoke of deceit now reveals upon towers (not fountain)
    Smoke of Deceit is no longer penetrated by truesight
    Ice Blast invisibility improved, it can now be tracked manually by caster or his allies
    Lycan Wolves now spawns next to him, by right and left sides
    Fixed Power Cogs AoE at corners and improved perfomance
    Power Cogs no longer reacts on invulnerable units
    Macropyre now includes spell bonus damage, visual effects improved
    Fixed Primal Split could be "aborted" wasting cooldown and it's effect
    Fixed potentinal abuse with -sleep
    Sticky Napalm bonus damage now included in a single instance for Batrider's normal skills
    Fixed Boots of Travel allowed to TP on heroes
    Omnislash now one-shot ancients as well, but cannot directly target them. Cannot one-shot
    Fixed side shops buying areas
    You can no longer waste item buying it in the side shops with full inventory
    Death pact now grants white attack damage instead of green
    Selling items range (from inventory) doubled
    Fixed some visual effects being removed on Hex/Eul/various other reset-like effects
    Fixed Scream of pain, Whirling Death, Veil of Discord didn't affect ancients
    Fixed shared Linken Sphere lasts less than intended
    Improved handling issues with uncontrollable hero respawning after a death morph
    Command -fd (minimap fog density) now supported for 1.27
    Improved highlightning of the shops
    Armlet visual effect moved from weapon to chest
    Improved Laser perfomance a bit
    Removed HP bars from dummy hero models (RD/CD/CM)
    Satanic's ability now has status bar buff
    Geminate Attack reworked. It now works as Dota2 intended - fires 0.25s later than main projectile, doesn't care about distance to the target, can do crit strike, no longer orb-effect.
    Shadow Amulet invis now allows to go throught invisible unit
    Shadow Amulet now has cooldown unless casted on self
    Target Fire Spirit no longer requires turning while Sun Ray enabled or Icarus Dive active
    Fixed being able to use inventory while taunted
    Spark Wraith is now AoE-targeted spell
    Test command -c now affects typed player instead of only blue and can now be reverted
    Fixed Troll's forms missing 50 base manapool
    Cyclone now allows to pass through aired units
    Refraction no longer waste charge when attacking allies
    Fixed Napalm's slow effect being lost when target transfroms
    Chat command -autofps will automatically reduce maxfps rate to improve perfomance. Toggle, off by default
    Chat command -maxfps # allows to setup max FPS manually. Default = 64
    Chat command -window locks mouse cursor within game's window. Toggle, off by default
    Chat command -autoselect will re-select the first hero available if any key/mousekey pressed while enemy unit selected or selection is empty. Toggle, on by default
    Chat command -light 0-5 to select light (visual only)
    Chat command -aoe will toggle on/off neutral camps or tower ranges indicators (ALT-key toggling is still supported)
    Fixed Cranium Basher and Abyssal Blade had no innate cooldown on bash
    Cranium Basher now has cooldown display when bashes
    Improved Dagger block mechanic - item now goes into cooldown as usual instead of being replaced
    Invulnerable units are no longer valid target for shattering (Ice Blast)
    Faerie Fire can now be used at full HP
    Dust no longer has manacost
    Chat command -terrain has been removed
    Chat command -calm has been removed
    Radiance no longer works when carried by courier
    Fixed Balanar's Void always slowed for 2.5s at night time
    Icarus Dive no longer affects invulnerable units
    Fixed few memory leaks
    Wall of Replica now correctly affects invisible enemies
    Wall of Replica's illusions now have 0.1 second of invulnerability on spawn
    Vacuum now applies Stun on the pulled enemies instead of slow
    Trueshot Aura, Stampede, Rabid, Death Pulse, Scream of Pain, Plasma Field, Concussive Shot, Warcry, Release Trap no longer stops the caster
    Eject, Morph, Ethereal Jaunt, Reality, Static Remnant no longer requires cast animation
    Improved cast time of Song of the Siren End, Shackleshot
    Various cast/backswing points adjustments
    Fixed Corrosive skin keep dealing damage even if dispelled
    Octarine now reduces cooldown of Linken's Sphere
    Renewed Cooldown visuals: it now display numbers when less than 100 seconds left, with decimal precision. Normally you wouldn't mind knowing if there's 110 or 180 seconds left for obvious reasons. If you really need that info, you may use scoreboard, which still displays cooldown on ultimates.
    Temporarily disabled Selfdestruction on Spin Web
    Improved -hidemsg functionality

    С появлением карты любой хацкер может угнать ваши данные при помощи собственноручно сделанной карты варкрафта. Следите, откуда качаете карты, и всегда берите их с официальных источников, которым доверяете. Доверять никому нельзя, нам - можно.

    Все фаталы автоматически отправляются ко мне, но зарепортить об этом всё равно стоит. Версия тестировалась в основном на 1.26 версии, 27 поддерживается, но шанс краша выше.

    Карта использует редактирование памяти, в коде используется WinAPI, поэтому запустить карту могут только пользователи Windows. На других ОС можно попробовать эмуляторы или виртуалки.

    Пока известно, что на Гарене не удается начать игру - игроки вылетают в случайном порядке. Возможно, дело в античите гарены. Чтобы вас не выкидывало, гарену нужно запускать через Garenatotal -

    За исключением баланса, ничто не прибито гвоздями и может меняться. Пишем, что не нравится, пишем, что нравится -

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