КАРТЫ DotA AllStars 6.88g[Beta] 6.88g[Beta]

Новая финальная бета-версия карты от DracoL1ch

  1. Ru.Zloy
    Swapping courier type smoothness improved
    Double click now works only on abilities which are allowed to self-cast
    Fixed vision issues with side/base shops at night time
    Fixed tower armor aura keep working even if tower has been destroyed
    Fixed "Always display tower range" option kept AoEs of destroyed towers
    Fixed Ice Blast dummy had manabar
    Added option DisplayManabars(=true) in the config file
    Added chat command -manabars to toggle manabars state
    Added Hold to "stop list" while TPing
    Fixed spell amplification affects summons damage
    You can now ping runes to tell about them to your teammates
    Fixed fast buy ignoring "toggled" items like Basilius
    Buyback reworked - it now change cost smoothly by formula 100 + level*level*1.5 + 15*CurrentMinute. Necrolyte's Reaper's Scythe with Aghanim makes costs to 999999, effectively preventing buyback.
    Fixed SD mode heroes align
    Fixed repick being unaccessable way too early in AP
    AP now allows to chose a hero for banning. Next 15 seconds after heroes become available every player may chose some hero to exlude from heropool. Once time is out game bans half of the chosen heroes randomly and continue normally.
    Fixed "Resume delivery" tried to deliver items to dead heroes
    Extended hotkeys support within Dota Config
    #You can chose special hotkeys from the list here https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/librar ... 0;v=vs.85).aspx
    #To use special hotkeys enter them as 0x (hex representation), f.i. 0x70 for F1, 0x71 for F2, shift0x71 for Shift+F2, and so on
    Double hold option replaced with autoattack toggling option. Chat alias -aat. Unit will still autoattack in case if he is directly attacked and agressor is in the attack range.
    Autoattack acts like "autoattack after spells" from Dota2

    Hunter in the Night now affects illusions (no visual effects though)
    Casting Requiem of Souls turns Shadow fiend pathing off
    Shackleshot can now target Roshan and ancient creeps
    Berserker's blood spell resistance no longer has levels and acts smoothly
    Enfeeble and Battle Hunger can now be casted on ancients
    Fixed Arc Lightning incorrect cast point
    Fixed Teleportation incorrect cast point
    Improved Teleportation visuals
    Swapped back Lifestealer's skillset
    Fixed vision issues with Track & Amplify damage
    Fixed Burrow cast point
    Improved Side gunner effects
    Added frosty animation to ice-based skills
    Fixed various Meah Hook issues
    Fixed Blur tooltip
    Manta Style now follows proper rules for melee and ranged if obtained by morphed heroes (tooltip doesn't update)
    Untouchable now affects only orb-attacks instead of any targeted ability
    Fixed Static storm malfunction
    Fixed Penitence incorrect attachment placement
    Fixed Rocket Barrage dealing double amount of damage
    Fixed Geminate attack attacks behavior
    Fixed Tricks of the Trade attacks behavior
    Improved Shukuchi attack-reveal behavior
    Fixed Devour order ID conflict with Ensnare
    New counters for Stealing abilities - OD, Slark, Silencer, Pudge, Undying
    Fixed Morphling lack 20 base HP
    Fixed Flaming Fist enemies filter could be incorrect
    Fixed Geminate attack not being disabled by Break
    Fixed Poison Touch breaking Linken's Sphere
    Fixed Headshot didn't use pseudo-random
    Earth Split now affects ancients
    Added visual effect applied to units who got Magnetized
    Soul Assumption no longer hides amount of charges while ability is on cooldown
    Fixed Devoured resistance aura disappearing on death
    Fixed Hellfire blast DoT being undispellable
    Fixed Spawn Spiderite didn't spawn spiders if caused final blow on the hero
    Added cooldown indicator to passive Starfall (Aghanim)
    Vampiric Aura is now toggleable
    Fixed incorrect turnrate of Goblin Shredder, Dragon Knight, Medusa, Troll, Ember Spirit, Abaddon
    Walrus Punch and Infernal Blade now properly work with cleave
    Added autocast to Tidebringer (new ID: A3WM)
    Fixed Rikimaru visually disappears after usage of the ultimate
    Broodmother's spiderlings and spiderites are now properly moves while under the Web
    Fixed Berserker's blood smoothness and bonuses amount
    Fixed Mystic snake only jumping onto allies of the target instead of the enemies of the caster (affects neutrals mostly)
    Fixed a bug where denying Arc Warden's Tempest Double was giving bounty gold
    Added control-loss counter support to Winter Wyvern (already been implemented to Alchemist, Batrider, Lycanthrope)
    Toggling Quas/Wex/Exort no longer interrupts Invoker at all
    Fixed Spiked Carapace having animation time
    Fixed Requiem of Souls (agh) waves returning on death
    Fixed Venomous Gale dealt 0 damage on level 1
    Fixed Wave of Terror didn't apply armor reduction on magic immune enemies
    Fixed Crystal Nova didn't provide vision around the target
    Fixed Crystal Nova didn't affect ancients
    Added visual effects to Elder Dragon form
    Fixed Land mines didn't provide vision on blast
    Land Mines and Remote Mines can no longer be stacked on each other
    Fixed Pounce could cause Slark to stuck

    Blight Stone and Desolator now stacks on the same target (both are still orb effects)
    Fixed Poor man's shield block chance description
    Improved Linken's Sphere handling
    Fixed Echo Sabre triggering on Stifling dagger instant attack
    Helm of Dominator no longer makes unit immune to another Dominator or Hand of Midas
    Fixed Shiva's Guard spell effect AoE and speed
    Removed visual effect on Magic Stick/Wand charging
    Bloodstone manaregen now counts as default regeneration
    Multiple Urn of Shadows now follows the rule of closest - whoever is closer to dying hero, he will receive a charge, instead of random distribution
    Fixed Charge of Darkness and Lotus Orb interaction

    Various typo fixes
    Added notification about pre-pick phase stun
    Camera won't jump to fountain in replays anymore
    Fixed a few spells which didn't grant assists
    Cooldown indicator is now visible even if the ability is silenced
    Fixed Tornado (Enraged Wildkin) counted as proper unit for spells
    RD now shows if the hero has been randomed

    ВНИМАНИЕ: конфиг-файл config.dota был обновлен

    Новые ключи:

    DisplayGarenaTotalNotification=true #впиши false, чтобы отключить напоминалку про гарена-тотал
    TeleportationCanOnlyBeStoppedSoft=true #альтернативный способ защиты от случайных правых кликов во время телепортации свитками или ботами

    AdvancedTooltips=true #точные данные в подсказках атаки и армора
    DisplayRegeneration=true #реген
    CustomFPSInfo=true #отображает занимаемую оперативку

    Также теперь можно указать любые хоткеи в ремаппере из списка. Указывается hex-код в формате 0xNUMBER

    С появлением карты любой хацкер может угнать ваши данные при помощи собственноручно сделанной карты варкрафта. Следите, откуда качаете карты, и всегда берите их с официальных источников, которым доверяете. Доверять никому нельзя, нам - можно.

    Все фаталы автоматически отправляются ко мне, но зарепортить об этом всё равно стоит. Версия тестировалась в основном на 1.26 версии, 27 поддерживается, но шанс краша выше.

    Карта использует редактирование памяти, в коде используется WinAPI, поэтому запустить карту могут только пользователи Windows. На других ОС можно попробовать эмуляторы или виртуалки.

    Пока известно, что на Гарене не удается начать игру - игроки вылетают в случайном порядке. Возможно, дело в античите гарены. Чтобы вас не выкидывало, гарену нужно запускать через Garenatotal - http://www.garenatotal.com/en/

    За исключением баланса, ничто не прибито гвоздями и может меняться. Пишем, что не нравится, пишем, что нравится - http://forum.d1stats.ru/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=624