DotA AllStars 6.88v0

КАРТЫ DotA AllStars 6.88v0 6.88v0

Для игры нужно заменить Game.dll
Не требуется для тестирования на нашей платформе

Так же проверяйте актуальность Config файла, т.к. он меняется с версиями, но сам не обновляется


  • Added chat command -tips to disable on-death tips
  • Fixed -betterfps partially didn't work
  • Using -betterfps no longer disables ubersplats (burning trailing of Chaos Meteor, for instance)
  • Command -betterfps2 now toggles ubersplats off & on
  • Fixed Tome of Knowledge, Raindrop and Flying Courier first-available timing
  • Fixed clicking on Bottle while on cooldown caused camera to move onto the hero
  • Fixed Lens fatal errors
  • Fixed some on-attack passives malfunctioning
  • Fixed Relocate used to ignore Disable help rules
  • Fixed Gush (Agh) didn't benefit of Lens' bonus range
  • Fixed Gush (Agh) providing vision around the wave
  • Fixed Sonic Wave didn't benefit of Lens' bonus range
  • Fixed X Mark the Spot duration numbers being slightly off (althought still correct)
  • Fixed Mystic Snake damage & manasteal order - now it steal the mana, then deals the damage
  • Fixed Mystic Snake draining mana from illusions
  • Fixed Mystic Snake not ends after trigger Linken's Sphere
  • Fixed Mana drain could target an ally


  • Fixed one more fatal error
  • Stifling Dagger now fully blocked by spell immunity
  • Fixed Fervor, Nethertoxin not working when attacking structures
  • Fixed intense Bottle usage interrupting the camera, but only for fountain areas
  • It's no longer possible to apply Linken's Sphere buff to an ally with another Linken's buff equipped (they didn't stack anyway)
  • Fixed Last Word description still mentioning removed slow effect


  • Added chat cmd '-bind reset' to re-load all config-based hotkeys once again. Useful if you want to change layout ingame depending on your pick
  • Game window on the panel will flash once game is loaded or your hero is revived if game's window minimized
  • Fixed yet another stun immunity issue with Chronosphere and a few other spells
  • Courier hotkey-icon is now always visible for the owner, as well as hotkey F8 (~), even if courier is busy
  • Fixed mode -sh granting 250 more gold to the picker
  • Fixed double-click on teleport via binded hotkeys causing teleporting to incorrect point
  • Command -betterfps improved, now it should provide even better FPS while disabling water animation and foot traces
  • Fixed Glimmer Cape didn't reveal the target on spell casting
  • Fixed Glimmer Cape duration didn't stack
  • Linken no longer reacts on Silver Edge/Lothar's Edge buffed attacks from ranged enemies
  • Windwalk (Lothar's Edge / Silver Edge) no longer dispells when unit auto-morphs into his normal form (Alchemist / Lycan / etc)
  • Fixed Dragon Tail auto-learning when toggling Elder Dragon Form
  • Fixed Sadist didn't trigger on Reaper's Scythe level 2-3
  • Chat command -kickafk now requires player's slot number in the team (means 1-5 both for Sentinels and Scourges now instead of 1-11)
  • Chat command -lat is now the same as -plat (affects only your PC)
  • Fixed Sun Ray crashing the game if forced-attack ability is casted over the Phoenix
  • Fixed Sun Ray ignoring Savage Roar
  • Phase Shift no longer dispels if Puck is moved somehow while not interrupting the channeling
  • Savage Roar no longer manipulate player's selection
  • Fixed lags and possible crash related to Lycan Wolves attacking Roshan
  • Fixed invulnerable status after dying under effect of Astral Inprisonment
  • Fixed noclip-walking caused by Skewer and Pounce interaction
  • Fixed Walrus Punch not providing cleave unless auto-casted
  • Fixed Walrus Punch affecting allies on autocast


  • Bottle can now be used on allies if you hold Ctrl key down when clicking it
  • You can now use Alt+Left click to announce your abilities state, items you're gonna buy or items enemy/ally has. These messages are normal chat messages and affected by all kinds of mute (squelch, etc)

  • Ctrl+Alt+Left click onto item in the shop/hero in the tavern to remind allies about what your team needs

  • Allies can no longer drop/attack item using your hero if you've shared control with them. You'll see notify about somebody is trying to control your hero, so you can decide to keep control shared or disable alliance with him.
  • Fixed Siege units taking too low damage from some spells
  • Improved buying system when shopping outside of range of Secret/Side shop
  • Fixed couriers could sell the item while hero was dead
  • Glimmer no longer stops the caster (still interrupt, but unit keep up with previous order if possible)
  • Fixed Neutrals behaviour against Radiance
  • Improved neutral creeps behavior yet again
  • Improved antihack a little
  • Fixed Sentry Wards self-stacking bug
  • Added notification about players who did the most damage to enemy heroes/towers and got the best experience per minute rate. It displayed right after destroying enemy's Ancient.
  • Fixed desync caused by new config options
  • Couriers won't drop items on the ground when delivering to heroes who reincarnates at this moment
  • Fixed Corrosive Breath, Liquid Fire and Nether Blast dealing only 35% of intended damage on structures
  • Fixed Blinks could be learned too early
  • Fixed bug with Burrowstrike distance
  • Fixed Skewer failed to work properly if hero has been Pounced by Slark
  • Fixed Flesh Heap didn't accumulating str from kills nearby
  • Fixed minor inner issue with Ice Wall
  • Fixed Overpower lasts forever until attacks are wasted
  • Greatly reduced the chance to become stun-immune on Alchemist / Lycan / Sven
  • Fixed teleportation while True Form'ed toggling unit's model to normal form visually
  • Fixed Drunken Brawler permanent evasion
  • Fixed control issues when hero dies on side-damage of Primal Roar
  • Fixed Stifling Dagger slow not being dispelable
  • Charge of Darkness won't allow to toggle wards while charging (known issue)
  • Fixed Charge of Darkness malfunctioning sometimes
  • Fixed Slithereen Crush not charging Magic Stick/Wand
  • Fixed Slithereen Crush description not being updated to proper stun duration
  • Fixed Magic Missile not charging Magic Stick/Wand
  • Psionic Trap blast (on Lanaya) button moved to prevent icon shifting on using Refraction
  • Fixed Echo Stomp learning tooltip
  • Fixed Requiem of Souls & Ghost Ship Aghanim upgrade not being recognized by Rubick
  • Spirit Bear's Entangle skill position moved to inline Savage Roar just like hero's version

  • Disabled the "crash" on leaving the game
  • Improved the way WC3 closes after the game (no more fatal error)
  • Fixed Ring of Regeneration goldcost not being updated to 325
  • Fixed (?) rare cases of stun immunity
  • Fixed invisible dummy in the middle of the map being visible
  • Fixed rare bug with Icepath causing permanent stun effect
  • Fixed rare fatal related to Earthshaker / Tuskarr
  • Fixed Breath Fire malfunctioning in some cases
  • Fixed Breath Fire didn't benefit of Lens's bonus range
  • Fixed Wave of Terror having bigger range than intended
  • Fixed Lense didn't affect Rolling Boulder, Boulder Smash, Illuminate, Sun Ray, Gush (Agh), Wave of Terror
  • Reworked the way Nerubian Assassin's Agh works. He can now turn around and properly interacts with other abilities as well. No longer has visual issues when casting spells.
  • Linken's Sphere no longer interacts with Urn of shadows
  • Fixed hero denying rules - it will only allow to deny Shadow Strike'd by QoP or Venomancer, as well as Doomed
  • Fixed Arcane Curse being undispellable
  • Fixed Arcane Curse issues when stacked multiple times
  • Fixed Arcane Curse tooltip
  • Fixed Courier not being healed up when upgraded
  • Fixed Sanity's Eclipse manaburn not being updated to 6.85 - now it burns mana basing on it's max amount instead of remaning
  • Fixed Repel stacking issues
  • Fixed Phantom Rush being levelable faster than intended
  • Fixed various issues with damage manipulations
  • Unstable Current, Fortune's End, Diffusal Blade's purge no longer dispell debuffs from enemies (like Silence or Hex)
  • Cyclone no longer dispell debuffs from enemies (like Silence or Hex)
  • Fixed issue with Wind Lace and Hexes
  • Fixed issue with Octarine Core visual effect on 0-damage instances
  • Geminate Attack now benefit of cooldown reduction
  • Fixed Spirit Bear could be re-summoned even if injured
  • Fortune's End now enroot enemies for proper duration instead of rounding to closes 0.5
  • Added visual animation for heroes while channeling teleportation
  • Improved TP progress bar visual on flying units
  • Fixed Last Word affecting spell immune units
  • Fixed desync related to Eye in the Forest
  • Recoded Life Drain, it now properly supports Lens
  • Fixed Life Drain mana steal ratio being outdated
  • Fixed Dual Breath various issues (AoE, visuals, DoT, added Lens support)
  • Toggling Wards no longer counts as an action (spell), it won't revel Windwalk, for example
  • Mana Drain now properly supports Lens
  • Fixed Spirit Bear sometimes missing it's link to the owner
  • Fixed Overpower being undispellable
  • Reduced chance of hero duplicating via -random & picking at the same time by different players
  • Fixed Blade fury animation interrupting for attack animation
  • Fixed Healing Ward couldn't target spell immune allies

  • Added chat command -bindissue which should fix any kind of issues regarding innate map's keybinding via config. Can be used up to 3 times with various effects. Should only be used if your keys stopped working midgame.
  • Improved -green command effect
  • Added chat command -plat (personal latency), allowing to change latency for your PC only (online testing required)
  • Added config options:


  • Fixed Ursa's Fury Swipes abuse
  • Fixed various Blink issues (Queen of Pain and Anti-Mage)


  • Fixed issues with Reincarnation and Strength stealing abilities
  • Fixed couple spells not benefiting from Spell Amplify
  • Fixed mode -dl starting gold and Healing Salve status
  • Fixed Tidebringer counting as valid spell cast
  • Fixed Soul Ring selling cost
  • Life Break can no longer target couriers
  • Improved cast animation for Purification
  • Fixed burrowed Nerubian Assassin coulnd't use teleportation from items
  • Fixed burrowed Nerubian Assassin not being moved with Dark Rift
  • Fixed burrowed Nerubian Assassin illusions behavior


  • Fixed random fatal error from latest update


  • Fixed couple of spells didn't count as valid spell casts
  • Can no longer use empty Magic Stick / Wand / Urn of shadows (they didn't have any effect anyway)
  • Fixed -dch option issues with double-clicking on items
  • Fixed Silencer not stealing Int while hidden from the map
  • Fixed Soul Assumption granting bonus spell resistance under some circumstances
  • Fixed tooltips and gold cost of Headdress of Rejuvenation, Mekansm, Tranquil Boots, Khadgar's Pipe of Insight, Hood of Defiance, Ancient Janggo of Endurance, Force Staff, Hurricane Pike, Vladmir's Offering, Bloodstone, Guardian Greaves, Refresher Orb
  • Added chat command "-green" to toggle minimap's coloring (blue allies into green)
  • Improved -betterfps command effect a bit - periodic interface redraw routine launches every 0.5 seconds instead of 0.25


  • Fixed random desync issue (?)
  • Fixed shared Bottle charge wasn't updated to smooth healing and being outdated in general
  • Quelling Blade and Battle Fury bonus damage now stackable again (Dota2 style)


  • Fixed Doom didn't prevent unit from using inventory
  • Fixed Doom (Agh) applying permanent silence if doesn't kill the target in time
  • Fixed Suicide Squad Attack didn't benefit of Spell Amplify bonuses
  • Fixed visual counters on skills not updating fast enough
  • Added level indicator and flickering to Rabid, Bloodlust buffs
  • Added level indicator to Burning Spears debuff
  • Fixed Inner Vitality duration stacking
  • Fixed leveling issue with Vampiric Aura when toggled to hero-only
  • Game will be automatically closed after every non-single player game to avoid crashes. If you dare to ignore this risk disable this option inside Config file (GameOptions section, CloseWC3EveryGame to "false"). This meant to be temporary solution for crashes on-load. In case if you want to save replays use "Autosave replays" option inside WC3 options menu. You can also refer to LastReplay.


  • All the same as t6, literally, just for RGC.


  • Reduced chance of random fatal error
  • Double click helper no longer mess with item's abilities
  • Temporary disabled advanced neutral AI
  • Fixed incorrect attack animation on some units
  • Fury Swipes damage now being added directly to attack damage instead of separate instance
  • Fixed stacking Quell effect from Battle fury and Quelling Blade
  • Battle Fury's Quell now amplifies whole damage instead of white numbers only (half-revert of the latest Quell nerf), bonus reduced from 60% to 45%

  • Fixed ensnare could cause creeps to stuck
  • Fixed bug with Buybacking from shared Circle of power
  • Fixed bug with stacking regeneration
  • Fixed "Save game" menu causing player to stuck
  • Improved ensnare-bassed skills in common
  • Improved bottom sentinel's creeps waypoints
  • Attack visuals can now alter randomly from normal to slam
  • Side Shop will no longer allow to buy Magic Stick if you have no slots available
  • Neutral's Resistance aura icon moved to another slot
  • Added 5s cooldown to -lat command
  • Added -dmg test chat command to display damage values
  • Added chat command "-smartattack" (disabled by default) - whenever you order to attack ground while this command enabled, unit will chose closest target to the targeted point instead of normal attack priority
  • Added chat command -betterfps to improve FPS (won't make any difference if you already use lowest settings possible)
  • Fog dissipating speed improved to maximum (affects visual effects only, doesn't affect gameflow)
  • Added hotkey settings for tower's AoE and neutral's spawn boxes highlight into config.dota
  • Fixed config's setting 'Dota2HP bars' didn't work
  • Quelling now only affects white (base) damage
  • Couriers no longer provides experience
  • Fixed Boots of Travel possible targeting issue
  • Fixed teleportation visuals for hovering heroes
  • Fixed yet another bug about ward stacking
  • Fixed Astral Imprisonment extra damage in some cases
  • Essence Aura now triggers on Arcane orb launch instead of landing
  • Arcane Orb can no longer steal Int from Meepo's clones or Revenge Spirit
  • Improved Haunt's illusions behavior
  • Fixed Spirit Bear bug with Battle Roar
  • Improved multi-icon abilities behavior with Spell Steal
  • Fixed Rubick stealing Vendetta instead of Impale if Nerubian Assassin burrowed
  • Fixed Rubick being unable to steal a few spells
  • Rubick can no longer steal nothing from the target, Spell steal won't be launch at all instead
  • Spell Steal can now steal Insatiable Hunger
  • Fixed Ghost Ship granted more MS bonus than should
  • Added icon for Ghost Ship' Hangover period
  • Added countdown timer over the X marked unit, visible for allies of Kunkka
  • Supernova no longer dispells Ice Blast
  • Blink (AM & QoP) no longer has 20% range penalty
  • Fixed Enigma's missing hero statue on CM/RD
  • Fixed Culling Blade missing effect status
  • Fixed Poison Touch slowing enemy only at 1st tick
  • Fixed Poison Touch missing 1 damage instance
  • Improved Living Armor targeting priority when no target selected - it will prioritize heroes and valuable structures in a small radius around targeted point
  • Improved Living Armor visibility on structures
  • Timewalk now properly stores orders given while traveling
  • Fixed Timewalk backswing being 0.7 instead of 0.2
  • Skewer now properly stores orders given while traveling
  • Bounty Hunter can now finish attack or spell while Windwalk activation time already running, not losing windwalk's effect
  • Fixed Primal Roar dealing double damage onto primary target
  • Primal Roar now properly stuns side units
  • Primal Roar sideway pushing effect now properly dispellable
  • Reduced Tornado (Invoker) vision radius
  • Fixed Spin Web bonus MS not being disabled when attacked
  • Fixed chance of getting stuck after leaving Spin Web
  • Fixed Call of the Wild boar's attack damage not being updated for 87d (reduced by 5)
  • Duel now properly interacts with Lotus Orb
  • Refraction's illusions pathing improved a bit
  • Electric Vortex no longer has stacking issues with Fiend's Grip and Flaming Lasso
  • Phantom Strike now properly reflected by Lotus Orb
  • Fixed Snowball ignoring affected allied units relocation
  • Fixed issues with Permanent invisibility on Rikimaru's illusions

  • Fixed fatal error on the start
  • Fixed Untouchable interaction with Neutrals
  • Fixed minimap issues when loading alt-tabbed

  • Fixed Tempest Double duration
  • Fixed Vengeful Spirit Aghanim issues
  • Fixed wards gold abuse
  • Fixed Rolling Boulder faking with Boulder smash
  • Fixed Blackhole and Chronosphere allowed affected units to dispell it's stun for a brief period
  • Fixed manual use of Searing Arrows counting as spell cast
  • Fixed chat commands didn't update Circle of Options abilities
  • Fixed Disable help didn't work on X mark & item attacking
  • Fixed Tempest Double malfunction
  • Minimap background, fog density and colors has been changed back to older version. You can enable better icons and graphics using config file.
  • Couriers now have unique minimap icon
  • Fixed Shallow Grave visual issues
  • Fixed an issue with wards stacking
  • Meant to be finally stable and no longer beta

  • Fixed Skewer sometimes missing heroes
  • Fixed issues with icon positioning when multiple Invokers ingame
  • Temporarily disabled Invoker's advanced tooltips
  • Improved stability
  • Added mode "dl" ("duel") for 1x1 matches:
    • Combines "-apshomnp" classic modes;
    • Removes Courier's upgrade, Bottle, Soul ring, Raindrop, neutral spawns;
    • Grants free courier if all of 4 team slots taken by bots.
    • Whenever you kill enemy hero 2 times or destroy enemy's tower you'll automatically win.

  • Fixed Moon Glaive dealing 100% damage while used by illusions
  • Fixed Fountains didn't share true sight with players
  • Fixed Primal Split Earth Element's Demolish issues with some structures
  • Fixed raxes missing spawn creeps anim
  • Fixed Burrow (NA) didn't reduce incoming damage
  • Fixed Enchant could affect ally unit (slow) or other summons (non-enchanted)
  • Fixed rare bug with Hex and metamorphosis-based skills
  • Fixed minor issues with leaving playing area
  • Fixed Electric Vortex affecting Roshan
  • Fixed Tempest Double minor issues
  • Fixed Mirror image could go wrong when replacement effects takes place
  • Moon Glaive no longer jumps onto Power Cogs or Tombstone
  • Moon Glaive now properly kills Zombies
  • Bloodlust no longer get dispelled by allied purges/spell immunity
  • Bloodlust can now target spell immune allies
  • Repel no longer get dispelled on spell immune or allied dispell
  • Fixed neutrals suiciding to the middle lane under some circumstances
  • Fixed Cloak and Dagger visually always being level 1
  • Fixed True Sight of towers being lower than intended
  • Illusions now properly benefit of damage blocks

  • Added 2 more options to config: EscClearsChat & EscClearsPlayersChat - to toggle ESC button window clearing and chat clearing. Belong to "Visuals"
  • Improved neutral's behaivor a bit
  • Reverted cleave FX to default one
  • Fixed Moon Glaive bouncing onto Ethereal targets
  • Fixed Sand Storm visual didn't follow SK
  • Fixed Geminate attack description and tooltip
  • Fixed Holy Persuation on creeps keeping his original vision for allies
  • Fixed Astral Imprisonment allowing to shift-queue some extra orders
  • Improved Shadow Strike visual effects
  • Fixed Purifying Flames castpoing after dropping Aghanim
  • Fixed Side Gunner stacking issues with Flak Cannon
  • Fixed Side Gunner procing on invulnerable or etherealed units
  • Fixed Side Gunner sticking to the target
  • Fixed item completing malfunction
  • Fixed missing icons
  • Neutrals will now always return to their spot instead of standing somewhere nearby
  • Improved lane creeps aggro mechanic
  • Added visual bars for teleportation
  • Fixed Haunt's illusions behavior


  • Chat commands -nowheel and -nospace now works on 1.26
  • WC3 1.27 no longer supported due to it's heavy inner issues
  • Fixed damage block malfunction
  • Blink distance penalty if issued past maximum cast range enabled once again for a while (80% of max distance instead of 100%)
  • Fixed Raindrop losing 2 charges in some situations
  • Fixed Brilliance Aura malfunction
  • Fixed Infernal Blade missing stun effect
  • Fixed Atrophy Aura level notify
  • Fixed Poison Nova could kill affected enemies

  • Improved Eul & Tornado damage dealing process to prevent blinking out
  • Couple inner fixes to improve stability

  • -disable/enable help now supports a new semantic:
  • -dh 2345 will disable help from 2/3/4/5 player of your team, where number determined by their slot (always 1-5)
  • Added visual indicator to Drunken Brawler to display guaranteed critical strike cooldown
  • Fixed Phase Boots issues with flying heroes (Spectre, Broodmother, Batrider)
  • Fixed Brilliance Aura didnt work while CM being invisible
  • Fixed Meepo's Tranquil Boots abuse
  • Fixed Glyph had no shared cooldown for Scourge
  • Fixed issues with delivering items when courier standing on unpathable terrain
  • Quell now properly works with cleave and splash
  • All Cleaves can now damage flying units
  • Stampede no longer provides free pathing but phased state instead, unless Aghanim equipped

  • Fixed creeps ignoring structures under some circumstances
  • Fixed couple of crashes
  • Fixed Rupture with Aghanim always being level 1
  • Fixed Rupture had 3 charges at the very start
  • Fixed Observers being unable to see X mark the Spot visuals
  • Fixed more Pounce interaction with other movement-related skills (Snowball, Timber Chain, Fire Remnants)

  • Soul Ring now behaves like DotA2: only counts spell casts instead of difference between manapoints, and properly increases manapool if needed
  • Soul Ring now register non-direct mana wasting (manacost over time, etc)
  • Added Aghanim for Magnus from 7.00 series (Reverse Shockwave) instead of 88f Aghanim (AoE empower effect)
  • Added Aghanim for Bloodseeker (grants 2 charges of Rupture, 40 second cooldown each)
  • Added double-click support for Enchant Totem
  • Added visual counter to Sadist, Fervor, Reactive Armor, Atrophy Aura, Gravekeeper Cloak, Fiery Soul
  • Sadist HP/MP regeneration is now smooth as default regeneration
  • Activating Morph via hotkey/mouse click no longer interrupts Morphling from actions (doesn't affect Rubick though)
  • Fixed the very first Spin Web had 30s cooldown instead of 40
  • Shadow Demon can now drop Aghanim freely
  • Shadow Strike (Queen of Pain) now properly detected as magic damage and has no issues with stacking with other Shadow Strikes
  • All types of waves (Shockwave, etc) no longer has issues when targeting unpathable terrain
  • Fixed minor inconsistences with area of effect of wave-based skills
  • Golem Shards now respects neutral spawn boxes and have proper death animation
  • Doom Shards now get autoselected when you dies
  • Fixed some item abilities still triggering on-cast events
  • Fire Remnant now properly breaks Pounce's leash
  • Supernova now properly interrupts Duel
  • Fixed Disable Help preventing from casting Supernova on self
  • Duel no longer stops when one of duelants is Cycloned
  • Duel no longer allows to use Force staff or Hurricane Pike on duelants
  • Snowball can no longer take Fire Lasso'd allies inside
  • Fixed revealing invisible units didn't work rarely
  • Track and Amplify Damage no longer provides extra vision around the target, just small AoE
  • Fixed Hookshot didn't stun primary target for long enough
  • Rolled back Pudge's meat hook behaviour to old one with maximum slow
  • Familiars can now attack items and runes
  • Fixed Nether Ward didn't react on Unrefined Fireblast
  • Fixed Burning Spears behavior to fit normal orb-walking
  • Single orb-attack cast will now properly cast orb even if you already have another orb-effect
  • Fixed runes had 25% evasion from ranged attacks for no reason
  • Fixed AFK detection malfunction
  • Fixed Spirit Bear illusions providing gold/exp for killing
  • Fixed Fire Remnants (placing) counting as normal spell cast
  • Fixed Fire Remnants (jumping) didn't couned as spell cast
  • Fixed Last Word interaction with Ball Lightning, Phase Shift
  • Fixed bug when unit can't drop items from inventory after being Dueled or under any other out-of-control disable
  • Added visual cooldown on charged abilities when out of charges. It will show how soon another charge will be available. Affects Sniper, Broodmother, Shadow Demon, Earth Spirit, Ember Spirit
  • Fixed couple more issues with cooldown displaying
  • Improved cooldown indicator on Spirit Bear's Return ability when disabled from enemy's damage
  • Added visual cooldown to Cloak and dagger to display invisibility delay
  • Added attack counter to Flak Cannon
  • Doppelganger's illusion with normal damage receiving is now goldish
  • Fixed some heroes had no icon at the final screen
  • Added new visual effect for Assassinate
  • Added chat message duration setting to the config file (default - 10.)
  • Added "autoselect summoned units radius" (affects -es users) into config file. Default range (between camera and summon) limited by 2500.
  • Added test command -p to spawn a Puppet: a hero with high HP, without regeneration and armor, and damage tracker. He also has an ability to instantly refresh his HP and reset damage received counter.


  • Fixed bug when Aghanim Scepter obtained before learning Enchant Totem
  • Fixed Earthshaker wasn't fully disabled while jumping
  • Fixed Enchant Totem missing visual indicator
  • Fixed combined Obs & Sentry wards could disappear
  • Fixed wards couldn't be shared with invulnerable allies
  • Fixed Ice blast malfunctioning near map's edge
  • Meat hook no longer stuns Pudge, but enroot him to keep in place
  • Fixed some non-usable spells displaying improper cooldown info (Aghanim Starfall, etc)
88q b5

  • Fixed stolen Chronosphere affecting Rubick
  • Fixed Chronosphere didn't allow caster's unit to act inside of it
  • Fixed hidden heroes couldn't charge their Urn of Shadows
  • Added Earthshaker's Aghanim effect to Enchant Totem (DotA2 preview)

88q b4

Fixed incorrect Duel (agh) effect duration
Fixed Duel (Agh) didn't prevent damage from controlled units, now it properly ignores rest units
Fixed Ball Lightning base manacost wasn't affected by Arcane Rune
Fixed Tornado (Wildkin) damage effect didn't stack with itself
Fixed Berserker's Call causes enemy to keep attacking even if he is stunned
Fixed Dragon Tail could disappear under some circumstances

88q 2-3

Minor adjustments regarding inner code


Fixed couple of descriptions
Fixed missing Godlike sound
Basic shops moved back to 85 positions
Dark Rift can now target Pit Lord's units
Removed part of the features in order to improve stability


Fixed toggling wards counted as spell cast
Enabled back manabars and custom HP bars
Fixed Time walk changing Void's tint color
Fixed Hand of God fully healing creeps (6.87 change)
Fixed Primal Split tooltip
Fixed issues with Primal Split and droppable items
Ball Lightning will no longer get disabled on low mana


Release candidate. Internal changes only.

88n b15

Fixed Sand Storm having incorrect duration
Fixed repicking hero didn't move camera to the taverns
Fixed missing Roshan minimap icon
Fixed various visual issues caused by last 2 releases
Shops slightly rolled back to support muscle memory for Armlet/Manta style/Pipe
Added chat command -hud which enables experimental HUD with hero icons
Disabled HP/manabars extention for a while

Fixed black mask covering map from the start
Improved lag at the very start
Fixed Toss dealing halved damage onto structures
Fixed couple of typos
Fixed hero statues on CM starting to move to the middle
Added visual effect for Culling blade, Sunstrike & Xin's Rapiers
Added -omm "(OldMiniMap)" chat command to disable new style of minimap coloring

88n b13

  • Fixed fatal error related to Pit Lord
  • Fixed possible issue with Trueshot
  • Fixed MKB bash penetrated spell immunity
  • Rearm can no longer be used again while already channeling
  • Major lag right after game started is normal behaviour, be patient.
88n b12]

  • Fixed crash on early game in b11
88n b11

  • Fixed courier didn't allowed to double click recipes of Bloodthorn, Iron Talon & Hurricane Pike
  • Fixed Primal Split still didn't provide Gem of true sight
  • Reduced chance of doubled hero on randoming
  • Hotkey settings inside the config now support F1-F9 (you can type them, instead of key codes), and "Space". Type it in like that:
  • SkillSlot1=space
88n b10

  • Fixed random issues (disappearing heroes) when Phoenix ingame
  • Fixed "can't move" issue when unit dies while hidden by Astral Imprisonment or Disruption
  • Fixed bug with Berserker's Call, when unit dies affected and revive/buyback very fast without command panel
  • Fixed fatal error when Kunkka or Doom has been picked
  • Fixed Rax destroying only upgrade creeps once and never more
  • Fixed Right click deny affecting all target orders instead of right click only
  • Added prefixes to Super & Mega creep's names
  • Fixed Arcane Rune had almost 0% chance to spawn
  • Fixed Gem of Truesight dropping off when Primal Split ends
  • Fixed Gem of Truesight malfunctioning while Primal Split lasts
  • Fixed Blackhole disable didn't affect non-heroes
  • Fountain's attacks now properly counted as damage for Bristleback
  • Fixed Bristleback (ability) being broken
  • Fixed Bloodthorn's active didn't provide critical strike to AI vs AI unit attacks
  • Improved Chronosphere and Magnetic Field area selection cursor to fit it's AoE
  • Added Eclipse (agh) to double click support
  • Fixed Sun Ray being visible in fog of war
  • Fixed Nature's Guise issues with detecting attack
  • Fixed Primal Split spirits didn't get autoselected
  • Fixed Courier could use any given item
  • Fixed Courier's Drop all items button dropping items to the circle of the courier's owner insted of item's owner
88n b9

  • Fixed experience reward for herokills being too high
  • Fixed issues with player's team detection on SP/RS and other modes with shuffling
  • Fixed cleave affecting enemies when attacking structures or wards
  • Fixed heroes could receive some experience while being dead
  • Fixed "target out of range" error while Ball Lightning'ing
  • Fixed Sanity's Eclipse ignoring Astral Imprisoned enemies
  • Fixed Concussive shot malfunction
  • Fixed gold penalty for swapping on non-AP modes
  • Fixed Chilling Touch had 6x shorter duration than intended
  • Added custom models for Aegis and Cheese
  • Ember Spirit can now use Fire Remnant and pass to Fire remnant while Sleight of Fist is active
  • Fixed missing visuals from Troll's Blind
  • Bristleback's passive now works on illusions too
  • Fixed Eye of the Storm malfunctioning
  • Winter's Curse primary disable can no longer be dispelled
  • Icarus Dive now immediately breaks Pounce's leash
  • Fixed Supernova didn't remove Iceblast debuff
  • Fixed Ember's Spirit death animation
  • Ice Shard's chance to block a target completely with just one hero has been reduced
  • Fixed Fire Lasso sometimes failing to keep it's target
  • Assimilate now properly stops the target, preventing it's from channeling anything
  • Fixed Ghost Scepter didn't provide Ethereal state if used shortly afer being dispelled
  • Fixed Tidebringer had no cooldown under some circumstances
  • Fixed Tidebringer couldn't target spell immune enemies
  • Fixed Tidebringer cooldown starts when it wasn't supposed to proc at all
  • Fixed Blink dagger had 5% bigger penalty than intended
  • Fixed Dagger kept it's cooldown from attacks even if Rearmed
  • Added custom icon for Skeleton King and disabled Vampiric Aura
  • New visual effects for Black Hole damage, Bloodlust, Repel, Xin's abilities

88n b8

  • Fixed desync
  • Temporary disable Gem visuals overhead the carrier
  • Fixed Echo Sabre slow affecting non-ogranic targets for the first attack
  • Battery Assault, Chain Frost now properly affects fogged enemies
  • Haunt now properly creates illusion if enemy is hidden
  • Fixed Finger of Death failing to deal AoE damage in some cases
  • Fixed Macropyre had no cooldown if Liquid fire has been learned prior to it
  • Maledict can now affect creep-heroes except Familiars
  • Fixed Chilling Touch had no duration limit
  • Fixed Astral Imprisonment failed to hold down creeps
  • Added status buff icon for Rage, Static Link
  • Fixed Puck visual representation when Phase Shifting under Invisibility effects
  • New visual effect for Hand of Midas
  • Rubick's stolen spell now always get into proper slot on the panel
  • Added visual cooldown indicator on Jinada and Greater Bash
  • Fixed Torrent tooltip with incorrect manacost
88n b7

  • Fixed fatal error introduced in b6
  • Fixed desync caused by Mortred
  • Fixed courier didn't combine items if alternative version of item has been used (f.i. Ring of Basilius (Hero) didn't get into Vladmir's recipe)
  • Fixed Overgrow didn't affect fogged enemies
  • Fixed various issues when illusions couldn't be stunned
  • Fixed Ice Shards targeting - now its the same as Dota2, means you point the target which have to be surrounded by shards, instead of position of the shard wall
88n b6

  • Fixed Waveform had no manacost on lvl 2-3
  • Fixed wave-based spells had lower effective AoE than supposed to
  • Slightly increased sentinel's creeps model size
  • Fixed Butterfly's Flutter disabled evasion lasts 6 seconds instead of 4
  • Fixed Lense didn't improve Impale for Lion
  • Enabled alt-clicking notify on runes
  • Techies removed for ceremonial procedures
  • Fixed wards duration animation being incorrect
  • Fixed Astral Imprisonment affecting targets it shounldn't affect
    88n b5:

  • Fixed malfunction of miss mechanic
  • Fixed malfunction of time-travel mechanics (Time lapse)
  • Fixed missing streaks names
  • Fixed shared Tango had disabled icon
  • Fixed shared Tango owner description
  • Improved Deafening Blast knockback smoothness
  • Fixed Winter's Curse had lower duration than intended
  • Fixed missing Winter's Curse animations
  • Fixed inventory didn't get muted if hero has been taunted
  • Fixed holded keys weren't detected on specific hardware
  • X mark the Spot trail is now rendered only if you have vision over the target
  • Fixed Fire Spirits interrupting Icarus' Dive
  • Recoded Nature's Guise: attacking or casting while still in fade time won't remove spell effect
  • Fixed Strygwyr's Thirst buggy bonus calculation
  • Fixed Starfall (agh) procing even while Potm is dead
  • Side Gunner can now proc even if Gyro is on fading time of invisibility
  • Fixed Arcane Boots didn't grant mana to ancients
  • Removed ItemDrop mode
  • Fixed various positive AoE-targetable spells didn't affect hidden heroes (Puck or Riki)
  • Minor fixes to landscape
  • Unstable concoction blow no longer affects non-hero enemies (creep-heroes are still affected)
  • Fixed Tether slow affected spell immune enemies
  • Improved Tether lightning visuals
  • Tether's slow, Finger of Death, Decay can now affect ancients
  • Ensnare no longer interrupts Icarus Dive
  • Fixed splells with autocast have never been buffed by Lense or reflected by Lotus Orb
  • Warcry now affects allied ancients
  • Fixed Shiva's Blast affecting spell immune enemies
  • Couriers fountain standpoint moved further to the exit point
  • Added chat command -nospace to disable camera jumping on Space key
  • Added chat command -nowheel to disable camera moving on mouse wheel
    88n b4:

  • Fixed various bugs when items couldn't be used properly (includes all the cases of misbehavior (malfunction, very close cast range, affecting incorrect targets, etc))
  • Fixed issues with inventory when you die under any "force to" effects (Berserker's Call, Winter's Curse, etc)
  • Fixed FX of Zeus' ulty affected dead heroes
  • Fixed Pugna's Blast had doubled damage delay
  • Fixed Spawn Spiderites, Track, Omnislash, Void, Shackles, Fatal Bonds, Impale, penetrating Linken's Sphere
  • Fixed Linken's Sphere malfunctioning in some cases
  • Fixed Wrath of Nature being blocked by Linken's Sphere but didn't remove spell block buff
  • Aghanim's Starfall now activates even if Potm is fading out (not invisible yet) instead of only working if Potm has no invisibility source whatsoever
  • Liquid Fire now has 600 cast range and unaffected by any attack range bonuses
  • Waveform no longer has restrictions at targeting onto unpathable terrain
  • Increased Torrent pre-hit visual
  • Fixed buyback had no cooldown
  • Muted items are now darkened, as before
88n b1-3:

  • mostly inner changes, nothing specific, trying to narrow down fatal errors

Fixed Bloodthorn ability counted as spell cast
Flame Guard no longer stack damage effect if re-casted
Fixed Searing chains not counting as a disable
Fixed !ff didn't work
Fixed Gravekeeper's cloak being permanently on
Fixed Ignite malfunction on level 4
Fixed Upgraded Reaper's Scythe, Blink Strike incorrect manacost
Fixed observers not being recognized properly
Observers now have default game table as any other player, and holding Alt will turn back to extended table
Fixed bug when Battle Hunger buff never get dispelled
Fixed Bloodthorn spell effect didn't work for non-human related attacks
Added cast time to Metamorphosis
Repel can now be casted on spell immune allies
Fixed issues with Walrus Punch & Infernal Blade on autocast
Changed Silver Edge hotkey from S to E, Manta Style from M to T, added hotkey for Bloodthorn (D), removed hotkey from Rod of Atos and Moon Shard
Fixed Ring of Aquila being unavailable for one-click buy
Fixed various issues with Teleportation stopping functions
Activating Vendetta will instantly stop burrowing
Fixed a few possible crashes with the dll-file
Improved lane creeps behavior - they don't stop themselves as much as before
Основное изменение в крипах, которые теперь бегут чутка иначе, не лучше, не хуже - просто иначе. Как могЁм, так и пытаемся, извините нас.
+ Обновлена либа, добавлены потенциально проебанные возвраты регистров, что должно повысить стабильность
+ Отключен переход на страничку гарена тотала, что может снизить количество вылетов на старте игры

Fixed various attack effects malfunction
Fixed Tidebringer behavior: bonus damage on autocast is now applied on allied units, properly interacts with structures and units
Fixed Chakra Magic reducing cooldown by 6 on 1st level
Fixed a few typos

Fixed Terrorblade missing 1 armor point
"Freeze leaver" button now being added to all circles
Fixed Medallion of Courage had old recipe
Fixed Blight Stone had no hotkey
Fixed Side Shops have no Wind Lace and Blight Stone equipped
Fixed Satanic cannot be combined
Fixed Satanic (active) had extra icon
Fixed Glimpse didn't stop Icarus Dive
Added visual representationg of a hero who are teleporting to the tower (7.02 patch, affects scrolls only)
Fixed issue with new summoned Meepling could have incorrect boots equipped
Fixed Geomagnetic Grip, Rolling Boulder, Spirits, Skewer, Reverse Polarity, Fire Spirits, Pit of Malice, Anchor Smash, Soul Rip, Gust, Searing Chains, Call Down, Stone Gaze, Impales, Pounce, Reflection, Whirling Axes, Poison Nova, Flame Break, Crystal Nova, Blinding Light, Shadow Poison, Static Remnant, Upheaval, Maledict affecting invulnerable units
Fixed Wall of Replica didn't affect invulnerable units
Added debug message on antihack routine launch
Ban phase no longer belong to AP but to BP mode, which is all the same AP but with ban phase
Fixed Frost Armor not affecting creep vs creep battles
Fixed Diabolic Edict affected wards
Diabolic Edict now considers unit's collision size when counting the distance
Fixed Tiny with Aghanim HP bar size
Slightly improved antihack checker
Chat command -manabars fixed to -manabar
Rolledback new item images
Fixed bug with Invoker and berserk-based abilities
Fixed Nether blast had "sticky" damage, regardles if the enemy left AoE
Fixed desync caused by using -cam and -hpbar options together
Fixed visual bug with Dark rift
Techies can no longer appear in the SD/AR modes
Основные фиксы - убраны баны из обычного AP + пофикшено два десинка. Должно помочь. Ну и надоедающая надпись про антихак - потерпите, в след версии уберу. Появляется раз в минуту в среднем.

Swapping courier type smoothness improved
Double click now works only on abilities which are allowed to self-cast
Fixed vision issues with side/base shops at night time
Fixed tower armor aura keep working even if tower has been destroyed
Fixed "Always display tower range" option kept AoEs of destroyed towers
Fixed Ice Blast dummy had manabar
Added option DisplayManabars(=true) in the config file
Added chat command -manabars to toggle manabars state
Added Hold to "stop list" while TPing
Fixed spell amplification affects summons damage
You can now ping runes to tell about them to your teammates
Fixed fast buy ignoring "toggled" items like Basilius
Buyback reworked - it now change cost smoothly by formula 100 + level*level*1.5 + 15*CurrentMinute. Necrolyte's Reaper's Scythe with Aghanim makes costs to 999999, effectively preventing buyback.
Fixed SD mode heroes align
Fixed repick being unaccessable way too early in AP
AP now allows to chose a hero for banning. Next 15 seconds after heroes become available every player may chose some hero to exlude from heropool. Once time is out game bans half of the chosen heroes randomly and continue normally.
Fixed "Resume delivery" tried to deliver items to dead heroes
Extended hotkeys support within Dota Config
#You can chose special hotkeys from the list here ... 0;v=vs.85).aspx
#To use special hotkeys enter them as 0x (hex representation), f.i. 0x70 for F1, 0x71 for F2, shift0x71 for Shift+F2, and so on
Double hold option replaced with autoattack toggling option. Chat alias -aat. Unit will still autoattack in case if he is directly attacked and agressor is in the attack range.
Autoattack acts like "autoattack after spells" from Dota2

Hunter in the Night now affects illusions (no visual effects though)
Casting Requiem of Souls turns Shadow fiend pathing off
Shackleshot can now target Roshan and ancient creeps
Berserker's blood spell resistance no longer has levels and acts smoothly
Enfeeble and Battle Hunger can now be casted on ancients
Fixed Arc Lightning incorrect cast point
Fixed Teleportation incorrect cast point
Improved Teleportation visuals
Swapped back Lifestealer's skillset
Fixed vision issues with Track & Amplify damage
Fixed Burrow cast point
Improved Side gunner effects
Added frosty animation to ice-based skills
Fixed various Meah Hook issues
Fixed Blur tooltip
Manta Style now follows proper rules for melee and ranged if obtained by morphed heroes (tooltip doesn't update)
Untouchable now affects only orb-attacks instead of any targeted ability
Fixed Static storm malfunction
Fixed Penitence incorrect attachment placement
Fixed Rocket Barrage dealing double amount of damage
Fixed Geminate attack attacks behavior
Fixed Tricks of the Trade attacks behavior
Improved Shukuchi attack-reveal behavior
Fixed Devour order ID conflict with Ensnare
New counters for Stealing abilities - OD, Slark, Silencer, Pudge, Undying
Fixed Morphling lack 20 base HP
Fixed Flaming Fist enemies filter could be incorrect
Fixed Geminate attack not being disabled by Break
Fixed Poison Touch breaking Linken's Sphere
Fixed Headshot didn't use pseudo-random
Earth Split now affects ancients
Added visual effect applied to units who got Magnetized
Soul Assumption no longer hides amount of charges while ability is on cooldown
Fixed Devoured resistance aura disappearing on death
Fixed Hellfire blast DoT being undispellable
Fixed Spawn Spiderite didn't spawn spiders if caused final blow on the hero
Added cooldown indicator to passive Starfall (Aghanim)
Vampiric Aura is now toggleable
Fixed incorrect turnrate of Goblin Shredder, Dragon Knight, Medusa, Troll, Ember Spirit, Abaddon
Walrus Punch and Infernal Blade now properly work with cleave
Added autocast to Tidebringer (new ID: A3WM)
Fixed Rikimaru visually disappears after usage of the ultimate
Broodmother's spiderlings and spiderites are now properly moves while under the Web
Fixed Berserker's blood smoothness and bonuses amount
Fixed Mystic snake only jumping onto allies of the target instead of the enemies of the caster (affects neutrals mostly)
Fixed a bug where denying Arc Warden's Tempest Double was giving bounty gold
Added control-loss counter support to Winter Wyvern (already been implemented to Alchemist, Batrider, Lycanthrope)
Toggling Quas/Wex/Exort no longer interrupts Invoker at all
Fixed Spiked Carapace having animation time
Fixed Requiem of Souls (agh) waves returning on death
Fixed Venomous Gale dealt 0 damage on level 1
Fixed Wave of Terror didn't apply armor reduction on magic immune enemies
Fixed Crystal Nova didn't provide vision around the target
Fixed Crystal Nova didn't affect ancients
Added visual effects to Elder Dragon form
Fixed Land mines didn't provide vision on blast
Land Mines and Remote Mines can no longer be stacked on each other
Fixed Pounce could cause Slark to stuck

Blight Stone and Desolator now stacks on the same target (both are still orb effects)
Fixed Poor man's shield block chance description
Improved Linken's Sphere handling
Fixed Echo Sabre triggering on Stifling dagger instant attack
Helm of Dominator no longer makes unit immune to another Dominator or Hand of Midas
Fixed Shiva's Guard spell effect AoE and speed
Removed visual effect on Magic Stick/Wand charging
Bloodstone manaregen now counts as default regeneration
Multiple Urn of Shadows now follows the rule of closest - whoever is closer to dying hero, he will receive a charge, instead of random distribution
Fixed Charge of Darkness and Lotus Orb interaction

Various typo fixes
Added notification about pre-pick phase stun
Camera won't jump to fountain in replays anymore
Fixed a few spells which didn't grant assists
Cooldown indicator is now visible even if the ability is silenced
Fixed Tornado (Enraged Wildkin) counted as proper unit for spells
RD now shows if the hero has been randomed

Алсо напоминание.
С появлением карты любой хацкер может угнать ваши данные при помощи собственноручно сделанной карты варкрафта. Следите, откуда качаете карты, и всегда берите их с официальных источников, которым доверяете. Доверять никому нельзя, нам - можно.

Карта использует редактирование памяти, в коде используется WinAPI, поэтому запустить карту могут только пользователи Windows. На других ОС можно попробовать эмуляторы или виртуалки.

Известно, что на Гарене не удается начать игру - игроки вылетают в случайном порядке. Дело в античите гарены. Чтобы вас не выкидывало, гарену нужно запускать через Garenatotal -
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