КАРТЫ DotA AllStars 6.88k[Beta] 6.88k[Beta]

Новая бета-версия карты от DracoL1ch

  1. DotA AllStars 6.88k[Beta]

    Fixed Bloodthorn ability counted as spell cast
    Flame Guard no longer stack damage effect if re-casted
    Fixed Searing chains not counting as a disable
    Fixed !ff didn't work
    Fixed Gravekeeper's cloak being permanently on
    Fixed Ignite malfunction on level 4
    Fixed Upgraded Reaper's Scythe, Blink Strike incorrect manacost
    Fixed observers not being recognized properly
    Observers now have default game table as any other player, and holding Alt will turn back to extended table...
  2. Вышла новая версия DotA AllStars 6.88i [ Beta]


    Fixed various attack effects malfunction
    Fixed Tidebringer behavior: bonus damage on autocast is now applied on allied units, properly interacts with structures and units
    Fixed Chakra Magic reducing cooldown by 6 on 1st level
    Fixed a few typos

    Fixed Terrorblade missing 1 armor point
    "Freeze leaver" button now being added to all circles
    Fixed Medallion of Courage had old...
  3. DotA AllStars 6.88g[Beta]

    Swapping courier type smoothness improved
    Double click now works only on abilities which are allowed to self-cast
    Fixed vision issues with side/base shops at night time
    Fixed tower armor aura keep working even if tower has been destroyed
    Fixed "Always display tower range" option kept AoEs of destroyed towers
    Fixed Ice Blast dummy had manabar
    Added option DisplayManabars(=true) in the config file
    Added chat...
  4. DotA AllStars 6.88f[Beta]

    Fixed Arc Lightning cast sound
    Fixed Reaper's Scythe didn't credit for kills
    Fixed Reaper's Scythe missing animation
    Fixed Necrolyte model
    Fixed Reincarnation (Aghanim) malfunctioning on the Skeleton King
    Fixed Scorched Earth malfunction
    Fixed some spells could be avoided in some map places
    Fixed multikill counter could go wrong rarely
    Earth will kick the stone if there's any nearby instead of targeted unit