КАРТЫ DotA AllStars 6.88s(8) 6.88s(8)

Новая версия карты от DracoL1ch

  1. DotA AllStars 6.88s

    • Fixed Moon Glaive dealing 100% damage while used by illusions
    • Fixed Fountains didn't share true sight with players
    • Fixed Primal Split Earth Element's Demolish issues with some structures
    • Fixed raxes missing spawn creeps anim
    • Fixed Burrow (NA) didn't reduce incoming damage
    • Fixed Enchant could affect ally unit (slow) or other summons (non-enchanted)
    • Fixed rare bug with Hex and metamorphosis-based skills
    • Fixed minor issues with leaving playing area
    • Fixed...
  2. DotA AllStars 6.88s

    • Added 2 more options to config: EscClearsChat & EscClearsPlayersChat - to toggle ESC button window clearing and chat clearing. Belong to "Visuals"
    • Improved neutral's behaivor a bit
    • Reverted cleave FX to default one
    • Fixed Moon Glaive bouncing onto Ethereal targets
    • Fixed Sand Storm visual didn't follow SK
    • Fixed Geminate attack description and tooltip
    • Fixed Holy Persuation on creeps keeping his original vision for allies
    • Fixed Astral Imprisonment allowing to...
  3. DotA AllStars 6.88s

    • Fixed item completing malfunction
    • Fixed missing icons
    • Neutrals will now always return to their spot instead of standing somewhere nearby
    • Improved lane creeps aggro mechanic
    • Added visual bars for teleportation
    • Fixed Haunt's illusions behavior
  4. DotA AllStars 6.88s

    • Chat commands -nowheel and -nospace now works on 1.26
    • WC3 1.27 no longer supported due to it's heavy inner issues
    • Fixed damage block malfunction
    • Blink distance penalty if issued past maximum cast range enabled once again for a while (80% of max distance instead of 100%)
    • Fixed Raindrop losing 2 charges in some situations
    • Fixed Brilliance Aura malfunction
    • Fixed Infernal Blade missing stun effect
    • Fixed Atrophy Aura level notify
    • Fixed Poison Nova could kill...
  5. DotA AllStars 6.88s

    • Fixed creeps ignoring structures under some circumstances
    • Fixed couple of crashes
    • Fixed Rupture with Aghanim always being level 1
    • Fixed Rupture had 3 charges at the very start
    • Fixed Observers being unable to see X mark the Spot visuals
    • Fixed more Pounce interaction with other movement-related skills (Snowball, Timber Chain, Fire Remnants)
  6. DotA AllStars 6.88s

    • Soul Ring now behaves like DotA2: only counts spell casts instead of difference between manapoints, and properly increases manapool if needed
    • Soul Ring now register non-direct mana wasting (manacost over time, etc)
    • Added Aghanim for Magnus from 7.00 series (Reverse Shockwave) instead of 88f Aghanim (AoE empower effect)
    • Added Aghanim for Bloodseeker (grants 2 charges of Rupture, 40 second cooldown each)
    • Added double-click support for Enchant Totem
    • Added visual counter...
  7. Новая версия DotA AllStars 6.88r


    • Fixed bug when Aghanim Scepter obtained before learning Enchant Totem
    • Fixed Earthshaker wasn't fully disabled while jumping
    • Fixed Enchant Totem missing visual indicator
    • Fixed combined Obs & Sentry wards could disappear
    • Fixed wards couldn't be shared with invulnerable allies
    • Fixed Ice blast malfunctioning near map's edge
    • Meat hook no longer stuns Pudge, but enroot him to keep in place
    • Fixed some non-usable spells displaying improper cooldown info...
  8. Новая версия DotA AllStars 6.88q [ Beta ]

    Чтобы играть в данную версию нужно заменить Game.dll https://forum.warcis.com/resources/12/

    88q b4

    • Fixed incorrect Duel (agh) effect duration
    • Fixed Duel (Agh) didn't prevent damage from controlled units, now it properly ignores rest units
    • Fixed Ball Lightning base manacost wasn't affected by Arcane Rune
    • Fixed Tornado (Wildkin) damage effect didn't stack with itself
    • Fixed Berserker's Call causes enemy to keep attacking even if he is stunned
    • Fixed Dragon...
  9. DotA AllStars 6.88n[Beta]

    • Fixed black mask covering map from the start
    • Improved lag at the very start
    • Fixed Toss dealing halved damage onto structures
    • Fixed couple of typos
    • Fixed hero statues on CM starting to move to the middle
    • Added visual effect for Culling blade, Sunstrike & Xin's Rapiers
    • Added -omm "(OldMiniMap)" chat command to disable new style of minimap coloring
  10. DotA AllStars 6.88n[Beta]


    88n b13

    • Fixed fatal error related to Pit Lord
    • Fixed possible issue with Trueshot
    • Fixed MKB bash penetrated spell immunity
    • Rearm can no longer be used again while already channeling
    • Major lag right after game started is normal behaviour, be patient.
    88n b12]

    • Fixed crash on early game in b11
    88n b11

    • Fixed courier didn't...